Welcome to MayberryJail.com, where you can rent the Maybery Squad Car for a low hourly rate.

  • Great to have at your Grand Opening!
  • Fun at any company event!
  • A real attention getter!
  • Working red light!
  • Working siren!
  • P/A system plays Mayberry themed music!
  • Plenty of props for photos, including Barney's hat, badges, handcuffs and more!

Serving East Tennessee.
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See the Mayberry Squad Car featured on the Toni and Ash Video!

Serving East Tennessee. Contact us today for rental information and scheduling:
Mark Cawood
(865) 690-3250


A 1964 Ford Galaxie Squad Car. Just like the one Andy and Barney used to keep the peace in Mayberry. Click the photo for a larger view.

Used only for official business? Seems there were a few dates at Meyers Lake with Helen and Thelma Lou. Click the photo for a larger view.

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